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We believe in providing chemical-free products so that you can trust the quality of what you are consuming.

Fresh & Healthy

Our mission is to help you live a healthier life by providing the freshest organic products with natural pesticides.

100% Organic

With our products, you can make sure that you are getting the healthiest ingredients to nourish your body.

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Organic turmeric is best antiseptic, anti cancer , anti oxidant. Turmeric rich in phytonutrients .The turmeric on shelves and in spice cabinets is made of the ground roots of the plant. The bright yellow color of processed turmeric has inspired many cultures to use it as a dye.
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Ginger is flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as spice and folk medicine. Ginger increases serotonin and dopamine levels. This can reduce inflammation, which may cause depression. It is very useful in digestion, reduces blood cholesterol level, reduces risk of cancer, acts against respiratory syncytial virus(RSV virus).



The jaggery that we provide to our customers is an excellent and naturally healthy sweetener. Our jaggery is Healthy Source Of Carbohydrate, Good For Digestion, Jaggery powder is rich in fibre, Storehouse Of Minerals . This helps in cleaning and purifying your blood and respiratory tract, the lungs and also your digestive tract. We are the best jaggery powder exporters from India and supply only certified products to our customers and clients at an affordable price.



The export quality coconut offered by us has a shelf life guarantee of more than 50 days. We have been in the field of coconut cultivation for many decades. The products we export range from tufted coconuts to husked and semi husked coconuts. we process these products under hygienically maintained processing unit. Further, we use finest quality packaging material to pack this range to ensure their freshness and quality remains intact.



We are one of the most reputed leading manufacturer and suppliers of world. Our raisins golden yellow colored. They are very rich in taste and have a high nutritional value. Golden raisins, “like natural seedless raisins. Golden raisins had the highest antioxidant capacity and phenolic content.


Cotton cakes

Our cotton cakes are rich in protein, fibre, carbohydrates, sodium, vitamin E, phosphorus .Cottonseed meal is the by-product of oil extraction from cotton seeds. Cotton cakes are best food for cattle for to provide healthy yield of milk.